Is £161 Million For An 18 Year Old A Step Too Far?



Reports by the Real Madrid linked newspaper Marca and various other news outlets this week suggested that the club have all but secured a £161 Million deal for Monaco’s teenage prodigy Kylian Mbappe.


Many fans have declared that a deal of this size for an 18 year old with only one full season of football under his belt, is a sign that football is, to put it bluntly, officially f*cked.



While it is hard not to be shocked by the size of the transfer fee, the counter argument is that it is a simple case of economics.


The reason clubs are spending more and more on players is because clubs have more and more money to spend on players. The more money that comes into the game from TV deals, sponsorship, merchandising and prize money, the higher transfers and wages will continue to go.


In Mbappe’s case he is undoubtedly one of the most talented teenagers in world football . He burst on to the scene last season, netting 22 goals for Monaco. Some of his performances in the French side’s Ligue 1 triumph and run to the Champions League semi final were breathtaking as he displayed phenomenal pace, power and ice cold finishing ability.


Supposedly Real and most of Europe’s other top clubs have been aware of Mbappe’s potential since he was 12 years old, so those in the know will not be surprised by his sudden breakthrough.



Real will be looking at the fact that they could potentially get 10 years of Mbappe ripping up defences in La Liga and in the Champions League, so they will see this as a sound investment, that will ultimately turn out in their favour.


Firstly they will make huge amounts from shirt sales and merchandising if the deal goes through. If Mbappe continues to develop and fulfils his undoubted potential he will contribute to more success on the field for Madrid, which will lead to more sponsorship and prize money.


The craziest part of the whole deal may well be the pressure on Mbappe himself. The media glare after such a monster move would be difficult for anybody to handle, let alone an 18 year old.


You would have to imagine that if Madrid pay that much money he will go straight into the starting XI with little or no settling in period. The confidence of young strikers can drop rapidly if they miss a few chances and when you combine this with the notoriously impatient Bernabeu crowd, the pressure on the youngster will be immense.


It may even suit him better if the Neymar deal to PSG also goes through, just so he isn’t classed as the most expensive player ever when the new season kicks off. Real will be signing a truly world class talent, let’s just hope the club and its fans are patient and understanding enough to give him the time he will need to let that talent shine through.



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