Everton Need To Avoid Mediocre Managers



Regardless of who you’d like to replace Koeman there’s no denying we’re in a mess, but is taking a mediocre manager from a small club the solution? Is that really how far we’ve fallen?


To me, it smacks of desperation, a knee-jerk reaction to a bad run of form when surely what’s required is a cool head capable of making cold-calculated decisions, in truth, it stinks of Kenwright.



Moshiri, like all Everton fans, wants European football & ultimately Champions League football, the likes of Sam Allardyce & Sean Dyche will never achieve that, they’re nothing more than over-rated firefighters who celebrate a mid-table finish like those lot across the park celebrate being top in November.


Cue the double-decker bus when Fireman Sam saves us from the drop & we’re languishing in the bottom half of the table after enduring twenty odd games of hoof ball that Tony Pulis would be proud of.


In fact why stop at Allardyce & Dyche, Chris Wilder has done a decent job at Sheffield United, Neil Warnock has transformed Cardiff City and has Premier League experience, Paul Hurst has got Shrewsbury leading the way in League One, we’re desperate, why not give one of these the opportunity to prolong our baron run of silverware?


I’ve heard enough of the mad shouts of Dyche, Allardyce and Eddie Howe, the list grows longer by the hour, they all play the same way, to survive. Yes they’ve kept the likes of Burnley, Crystal Palace and Bournemouth in the top flight but is that really the height of our aspirations?


To be a winner you have to act like a winner and think like a winner, when Mourinho leaves Manchester will the Old Trafford hierarchy turn to the likes of Dyche, Allardyce or Howe? No chance! Would they even contemplate handing the position to an U23 manager with almost no first team managerial experience at any level just because he’s a red? I’ll say it again, no chance!


We should be identifying top-class targets, then moving heaven & earth to get one of them here and pay whatever it takes. If we’re happy to finish 10th and continue watching other clubs winning trophies then fine, pour a pint of vino, order the Lamb Bhuna & get Allardyce on the phone, or make contact with Sean Dyche, pay him a small fortune and wait for the influx of Burnley players in January.


Or we could sit tight, identify quality replacements for Koeman, do whatever it takes to make it happen & remember what NSNO actually means.


Written by Craig Hoyland. Check out his excellent Everton Blog Clogs Of War.


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