Neville Calls On Top-Six Managerial Rivalry To Erupt



Gary Neville has stated in an interview with The Times that he hopes the rivalry between the Premier League’s big-name coaches erupts as the season goes on.



“There’s a potential volcano and I think it could blow this year. Mourinho, Guardiola, Klopp, Conte, Pochettino…a few years ago we didn’t have all these big characters, big beasts, massive egos,”


“I know the tension is there. I’d love to see it come out. They don’t like criticism. They are used to winning but they can’t all win. Something is simmering, I don’t think they like each other that much.”


“It’s all been a bit nice there last few years and you want incident, passion and tension, those are the moments we remember. They need to rip each other apart, each other’s styles. We need it to erupt.”


Neville definitely has a point, except for the constant baiting of Chelsea manager Antonio Conte by Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho, things have been relatively quiet.


Apart from that, there have been little in the way of managerial run-ins, we are yet to see the kinds of bust-ups that Kevin Keegan, Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger used to have that entertained us so much in days by gone by.



Never before in the Premier League has their been so many world-class coaches operating at the same time so hopefully as the season progresses and the pressure builds we may be treated to some action in dug-outs and press conferences.


Neville himself has recently confirmed that his short stint at Valencia will more than likely be his last foray into management, with the former Manchester United full-back preferring to dedicate his time to media and business interests.


We can’t say we’re too upset to hear this news as Sky Sports’ football coverage, which let’s be honest is a massive part of any football fans life, just wouldn’t be the same with G Nev in the pundits chair.


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