3 Keys For Liverpool To Secure Champions League Football



Liverpool’s consistency has recently come under fire and their ability to find goals hasn’t always paid off in this campaign. The Reds are currently sitting third in the Premier League, consistent wins until the end of the season will successfully see the Anfield side guarantee a Champions League spot for first time since they bowed out in 2014 under Brendan Rodgers.



Liverpool’s season has been quite a roller coaster so far, putting in poor performances against the likes of Burnley while being absolutely dominant against the likes of Arsenal and rivals Everton.  Liverpool haven’t shied away from showing how they can play under Jurgen Klopp, their electric pace and quick transitions have been joyous to watch on occasions.



Key players such as Jordan Henderson have yet to make an impact on the team this season due to injury and with more injury woes for Sadio Mané the Reds have had to turn to new and inexperienced faces to make sure they can still put in top performances.

With Steven Gerrard back at the club it is no wonder that the academy talent is booming. The likes of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Ben Woodburn have put in excellent performances for the Reds recently and have impressed Klopp enough to earn themselves places in the starting line up.



The Reds have earned 66 points from 33 games played this season so far. This time last year Liverpool played one of the most glorious European games of all time, beating Dortmund 4-3 after a tense battle at Anfield and Klopp and his team will be hoping that they can show similar resolve in the Premier League this season by winning games and earning enough points to get back into the Champions League where they belong.


Liverpool fans across the globe will be hoping that they can once again see their team come up against the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid in European football’s premier competition. Here are three key elements that Liverpool will need to make sure that they reach their target.


1. Be More Clinical


Too often this season we have seen Liverpool try to “walk” the ball into the back of the net due to a lack of confidence within the opposition’s box. They have players that will shoot from outside the 6 yard area, the likes of Coutinho, Firmino and even Can have the ability to do this and have all produced important goals recently. The problem is when teams defend deep and shooting from distance becomes Liverpool’s only weapon. Then it becomes predictable and easy to defend. Finding that clinical edge within the 18 yard box will be crucial for the Reds to succeed in the coming weeks.



2. Trust the Goalkeeper


Simon Mignolet has started to show what he can do recently with two match winning saves in as many games, since his arrival he has been a hardworking and honest goalkeeper for Liverpool, however at times, his team mates do not seem to trust him with the ball resulting in Mignolet producing indecisive displays. There is no communication on the pitch between the defenders and the goalkeeper which creates an opportunity for the opposition to expose Liverpool’s weaknesses and score. Although they have improved in recent weeks in this regard, this must continue in order for the Reds to have a successful run in.



3. Encourage the fans


Every game is treated like a cup final, you go out and win every game, you play like you’ll never touch a football again. The Kopites always give incredible support to the team, the chants they sing and the passion behind the meaning of You’ll Never Walk Alone is mesmerising. The more the fans get behind the players, the more it encourages the players to play with a bit more passion, drive and authority, Liverpool’s red kit is supposed to oppress danger.



There are obviously more things they can do to secure a Champions League spot, but by stamping a little more authority on the opposition, taking their chances and keeping themselves organised, there is no reason as to why the dream can’t become a reality.


Written by Shania Carter

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