5 Most Ridiculous Team Names In Football


Ryan Power aka the midfield general takes a look at some of the stranger team names from around the world.

Every time I’m watching European Football, I can’t help but snigger when the scores are read out in the BSC Young Boys games.

Which, to be fair, happens every time.

Who would call their team Young Boys, anyway?

Naturally the comedic flavour is enhanced further when playing at a home, the fortress which is Stade de Suisse Wankdorf.  You just couldn’t make this stuff up.

Which made me wonder if there were any other teams with an even more ridiculous name than the boys from Bern in Switzerland.

Well, of course, there are.

Here are some of best ones I could find.

5. Kalamazoo Outrage

The US football team plied their trade in the fourth tier of the American Soccer Pyramid from 2007-2010.  Despite playing their games in the Loy Norris High School Stadium which holds an impressive 47,256 people, their average attendance in their final season was just 158.

4. Dinamo Bender

Now rather disappointingly known as FC Tighina, these Moldovan powerhouses were known as Dinamo Bender from 1996-1999 and again from 2001-2011.

With 14 name changes since 1958 who knows what they might come up with next.

3. Deportivo Wanka

Based in the Peruvian Andes, Deportivo caused huge controversy when they moved their ground to Cerro de Pasco, one of the highest cities in the world, at a ridiculous altitude of 13,973 ft above sea level.

This drew much criticism from their rivals as a poorly veiled attempt to stave off relegation by playing in conditions no other team could tolerate.  This included hail, rain, near freezing conditions and of course a lack of oxygen due to the altitude.

It mattered not as they were relegated that season anyway, and when they protested about the relegation they were suspended from participating in any football tournament.


2. Club Deportivo Moron

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina and playing in the third tier of Argentinian football this team require little introduction.   Other points of note include that their club badge consists of a massive cock.  In the same way that the Tottenham and France crests do, you understand.

1.  Semen Pedang

The Indonesian Premier League champions in 2011-12 are owned by, and named after, one of the oldest cement companies in Indonesia.

Not to be confused with a special ‘off menu’ dish served up in curry houses across the land when they’ve had enough of unruly, drunken guests.

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